Monitor your team's activity

Hiveed offers a dedicated screen that tracks your team's activity: you can check to-dos that are completed, filter by project, person or time range. If you like, you can print the report or export it to Excel. The screen is automatically updated every 10 minutes, becoming a live dashboard of your team's activity.

Beautiful from tablets
and smartphones

Hiveed is designed to be compatible with smartphones and tablets. Every feature is available from mobile, allowing you to have an updated overview on your team while you are on the go.

Automatically synced with Basecamp

Everything you see on Hivecamp is saved on Basecamp, so nothing gets lost. Hiveed automatically syncs with Basecamp every 10 minutes, keeping your overview always fresh.

Track time using Timeneye

Hiveed natively integrates with Timeneye Time Tracking, letting you and your time register time directly from your to-dos dashboard.

Timeneye is a powerful time tracking and reporting web/iOS/Android/Windows Phone app made with usability in mind.
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