A better and cross-project
overview on your to-dos
For Basecamp™

Check on your team's to-dos

Hiveed provides a full-featured dashboard that allows you to check your team's to-dos, sorted by due date.
You can filter the list by project and by person, print out reports and export entire to-do lists to CSV.

Automatically synced with Basecamp

Hiveed is automatically synced with Basecamp, and refreshed in the background every 10 minutes.
You can add to-dos, edit or complete them directly from Hiveed, letting you manage your to-do list in an extremely simple and quick way.

Track time using Timeneye

Hiveed integrates with Timeneye Time Tracking, letting you register time directly from your dashboard.
Time entries are automatically synced to Timeneye.

Great for Project Managers!

  • All in one place: your team's pending to-dos across all your projects
  • Overview pending to-dos, create new ones and edit them in the same page
  • Filter by person or by project

Easy for Users!

  • Zen-simple! Easy to understand, smooth to use
  • Check your pending to-dos, and complete them in one click
  • Keep record of your completed activities
A better to-dos overview, for Basecamp Try it for free!